Business Directory FAQ

How can I Sign-Up/Join in Opentag Business Directory?

Browse your appropriate category from the left navigation. After reaching your appropriate category click on the Submit Site button and go ahead with the necessary directions to Sign-Up in Opentag Business Directory. If you are not sure with your category you can directly click the Submit Site button and move ahead from it.

What do I need to Sign-Up?

Signing up in Opentag Business Directory is absolutely free, all you need to Sign-Up in Opentag Business Directory is just an e-mail address.

Why should I Sign-Up?

Opentag Business Directory allows you business listing in numerous categories.By signing up you can get the status of your submitted URL(s) so far,know their information, when the expire.And even edit any information you have provided already.

What to do,I forgot/lost my password?

Go ahead and click on Log in, then below the password box is a link that says “forgot password”.
Click the link and enter the email address that is on your account. You’ll be sent a password reset email.
Enter your new password twice and you should be good to go.

How can I submit my Business link in Opentag Business Directory?

Submitting your business(es)  URL in Opentag Business Directory  is easier than all other of it's type.
If you are not a registered member just click the Sign-Up button and follow the steps. If you are already registered,just log in to your account.
Select a category from the left navigation panel and then click on the Submit Business button on the menu bar. Type your URL in the box “Enter Your URL” and then click the submit button.

How can I edit my Business information?

Just log in your account. There you will find all the data and information about your submission(s) so far. Edit according to your necessity.

What information is provided to me in the results page?

In every categories you will find a link of a company, you searched for, clicking it will direct you to the site.Above the link you will find a concise description of the company along with a defining title, as mentioned by the submitter.

Who watches my information?

Opentag Business Directory is designed to perform the best result for your business sites. As soon as you submit your directory, millions of users waiting for you can watch and contact with you in Opentag Business Directory. Make sure that you enter your URL correctly and in right category, that helps the visitors reach to you quickly.

I don't find my Business category,what to do?

You can contact us and suggest a category if you don't find it. Your response are always welcomed and deserved by Opentag Business Directory.


Is Opentag Business Directory is related with Opentag or Microsoft?

No, Opentag Business Directory means "Manageable Solution Network Business Directory". It has no relation with Opentag or Microsoft.

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