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A typical way of marketing your business site/website online is sending marketing e-mails (mass mailing, in other words ) to thousands. It may lead to a good result or not. As far you are not sure of how many mails will be checked and responded. And cannot ignore the probability of the mails remaining unchecked Those mails are deleted even before read for the first time.

Of course you still need a high page rank or being at top in the search engines. Business owners hire a SEO expert or firm(s) for this as a common alternative. Since any of those is expensive enough in the long run you do ponder on a feasible one. That is some sorts of automation process. The best alternative is calling mass traffic automatically and spending less, from the other options. Free Business Listings can be considered as a right tool for such automation purpose. When you know the trick of free business listings properly, the will obviously provide a good result. The requisite is to involve some appropriate tools and plans.

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